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Drivers issues with new kernel 4.15.0-20

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I've been using the 4.15 kernel until now without any problems. Today I updated from 4.15.0-15 to 4.15.0-20, as proposed by the Update Manager (I set it to check for all levels, including 4 & 5). After rebooting, the wifi would not work and Cinnamon showed a message saying that it was running on the software graphics acceleration. So I guess there are drivers that can not be loaded. I tried to reboot twice, same problem. Rebooting with the previous version (4.15.0-15) solved the problem. Is anyone else on the 4.15 kernel? Did you update to 4.15.0-20 and is it working for you?


Please help.


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Good day. I apologize that we did not answer immediately.


We are a gaming community, we have not studied Linux systems so deeply. We just put the game servers on the VDS system Linux.


I think in the English-speaking Internet will help you faster and better.

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